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Apple iPhone OS 4 application iBook has received a tremendous response

This summer Apple promises to bring loads for goodies for its customers in the form of the new Apple iPhone OS4.Nmerous applications, 100+ new features, 1500 new APIs are coming to thrill its customers. One application that’s got huge applause is the iBooks.

Apple’s iPhone OS 4 would come with the innovative iBooks application. Book reading would never be the same as now you can do everything just the touch of a button. Be it browsing, buying or reading books, Apple’s 0S4 does it for you. Now one can download books from iBookstore and enjoy reading along with music as well.

The response for the application has been tremendous. "iBooks, over 600,000 downloads. We've gotten tremendous feedback on iBooks. The first day iPad apps... users downloaded over 1m apps."Apple informed.

Apple’s iPhone OS 4 brings a number of these books free as a part of the iBook application. To make the search easier, the search can be done based on criteria such as title, author etc.And what’s more is that you don’t need to buy an entire book to realize that it wasn’t worth, there’s preview option available! "We think customers will really enjoy this. It's a delightful eBook reader. You can buy your books once and read them anywhere." is what Steve had to say about this application.

Markets are expecting this feature to be available on Apple’s iPhone OS 4 and also on Mac OS X. as well. If you wonder how you would be able to manage having the iBook application on different devices, Apple has the answer. Apple would be coming up with synchronization of your books between platforms! "We're going to wirelessly sync your books between platforms... and free Winnie The Pooh." Apple said.

The sync between platforms on Apple’s iPhone OS 4 is great for keeping your books with you wherever you go. Say you are reading a book on your iPad and need to travel elsewhere. You can switch to reading the same book over your iPhone .The sync feature would ensure that you end up on the same page that you left reading on the iPad.

There is not much information that’s available on the iBook application in Apple’s iPhone OS 4 .But from whatever we have known about the application, we can conclude that it’s a boon for all book lovers!