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Apple iPhone 4 video calling feature with just tap on the FaceTime button

Apple iPhone 4 video calling feature can be used with just tap on the FaceTime button. The new Apple iPhone 4 comes with a front facing VGA camera that seems to be explicitly built for the video calling facility. The video calling facility is provided by the FaceTime feature of the Apple iPhone 4. This feature enables you to say hello to your friends form anywhere at any time (subject to some conditions) with just one tap of your iPhone.

In new Apple iPhone 4, the FaceTime feature does not require the user to set up an account or screen name, one can just tap on the FaceTime button, select a number from their contacts lists and a pop menu appears on the screen of the user on the other side if the user accepts the video call one video call can be setup and you can view your friend on the other end.

This iPhone 4 video calling feature can also be accessed while both the users are on a voice call. They can tap on the FaceTime button and if the request is accepted then a video calling session is established.

The front camera of the iPhone 4 has been fine tuned for the FaceTime feature, with improvements in the right focal length and field of view to better the experience of video calling. But not only the front camera, the back one also can be used to capture what you see and share with your friends quickly and without much fuss.

Imagine a situation when, while making the video call you suddenly want to show the person that is approaching towards you and not yourself then you can switch to the back camera with just one tap without letting the approacher know that he is being shot.

But the FaceTime feature works only for iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 video calling and is available only when there is a Wi-Fi connection available, pretty big drawback if you see the precision that Apple has maintained while creating the iPhone 4. The FaceTime can support the tap to focus feature which means that the phone can be tapped to focus anywhere on the screen.

The video calling feature along with the multitasking facility was long missing from Apple’s iPhone because the front camera was not present in any, before this. So, seeing the advancements on the video calling feature, one will have to say- Well done Apple!