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Apple iPhone 4 pre order sold out on first day, shipping starts on July 2nd

The pre order of Apple’s most awaited device, the new iPhone 4 has been sold out on the first day of the pre –order, Tuesday, June 15, 2010. According to Apple.com, iPhone 4 pre-orders as of Tuesday night will arrive on July 2 at the earliest.

The wonder Apple gadget actually goes on sale for the first time on June 24 which is also the shipping date for those who have preordered the device earlier on Tuesday. However the official iPhone 4 carrier AT&T stated that due to overwhelming response the gadget got on the first day of pre order it can no longer take preorders for June 24.

Tuesday could be marked as the busiest online sales day in the history of AT&T.  Even though the first round of preorder of iPhone 4 was completely sold out, Apple together with AT&T has managed to maintain a good stock for the walk-in customers who can buy the device from their favorite Apple Retail Store starting at 7 a.m on June 24. However there is a limit of two pr person who will be able to purchase the device on first come first serve basis.

The 16 GB version iPhone 4 is set at a price of $199 and the 32 GB version at $299. The iPhone 4 is configured to work only with wireless services provided by AT&T and the users are required to enter in a 2 year service contract with AT&T for the same. The new iPhone 4 arrives ready to use once you buy it from Apple Online Store and you just need to set it up in iTunes on your Mac or PC and you are ready to go.

The iPhone 4 comes with an array of features eagerly awaited by the Apple fans. These include a Face Time video calling feature so that you stay connected with family and friends. With its remarkable 960 by 640 resolution 3.5 inch retina display, the text and graphics looks unbelievably crisp and sharp. The iPhone 4 lets you record and edit stunning HD video. You can also capture your life’s beautiful moments with its 5 MP camera with built-in LED flash.