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Apple iPhone 4 OS with 7 new features review and latest information

Apple’s iPhone 4 OS is distinct with new features such as multitasking, iBooks, folders, unified mail inbox, enhanced mail settings, game center and network and internet facilities. Among these all the new and necessary features, multitasking is one of the best addition by Apple but if the devices are older than the iPhone 3GS and iPod touch then this OS 4 can not work with them.

Apple introduced IAD in iPhone 4 OS which is an advertising platform. This platform gives the facility of advertisement. In the Industry the release of iPhone OS 4 is being considered as one of the biggest competitors of the phone Windows 7. Last week, Apple introduced iPhone OS 4 which is carrying lots of new features that are around more than 100.

These new features in iPhone 4 OS include the navigation facility between more than two applications, which are running in background. Among all the new features of operating system version 4, multitasking is one of the most important features. This feature allows the users to access multiple applications simultaneously.

Apple also suggests that without losing the performance, the multitasking feature of iPhone 4 OS is added to the device. Apple iPhone OS 4 has several services for the users which cover different scenarios. One of the scenarios includes the use of streaming music.

Another service includes the internet telephony application for receiving calls. Besides promoting the improvements of iPhone OS, the Apple promise that this will satisfy the end users. The new feature of programming interface for the data protection is also included in it with the business applications and home

There are mainly 7 new features in iPhone 4 OS that are liked by most of the users. These 7 main features of iPhone OS 4 are Multitasking, Folders, iBook, App folders, unified mail box, enhanced mail and game center. This new OS includes some other and unnoticed features such as the background audio like Pandora, iAD, Maps, Push notifications, background VoIP like Skype, data detector, map overlays and photo library access etc. It also offers the fast switching between the apps and performs an automated power analysis.

This OS 4.0 of iPhone is considered as the most advanced operating system of world. The function of multitasking can work on iPhone 3G and 3rd generation iPod touch. Apple’s customers may enjoy the different range of the apps under 20 categories including business, games, sports, news, health travel and reference.