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Apple iPhone 4 OS new feature of Multitasking not to affect battery life

Apple iPhone 4 OS new feature of Multitasking must has certainly brought a plenty of joy to the users. The previous versions of iPhone OS lacked multitasking tremendously. In the previous versions, if you are working on the mail and if you click on some webpage-link at the same time, your mail is closed and you are switched to the Safari browser. Thereafter again, you have to click on the mail icon to go back to mail. Now with multitasking, you can easily switch between applications instantly.

Apple also claims that its multitasking in iPhone 4 OS will not have any effect on the battery life. Let us see the mechanism behind the multitasking. Apple has made sure that all the resources are available to all the applications, with the system giving priority to some tasks and less preference to others.

In earlier OS version, the system provides equal priority to all the processes and hence there is a loss of memory. This will slow down your system. Its effects will also be seen on CPU`s performance which would deplete the battery life.

Apple has introduced 7 new services in iPhone 4 OS and ensures that these services will give the user the kind of multitasking they demanded. Now with apps like Skype, you can continue to receive calls even when the calling app is not the foreground app. The background location of the new OS works at two levels and allows you to access the location applications even if you do not have the app open.

Apple iPhone 4 OS multitasking facility allows you to include audio in the background, so that applications like Pandora can play music in the background. Apple has also enhanced its existing push notification service with new local notifications services. Using which, the apps will post reminders without using Apple's servers.

Another multitasking mechanism used by Apple is the fast app switching by which you can restore the state of an app when you switch out and back. As mentioned earlier, it also makes use of task completion mechanism of multitasking. This will allow you to finish any tasks started before switching to another application.

Thus, Apple has managed to resolve complaints of the users who wanted to perform several activities at the same time. Let us see how the public responds now.


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