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Apple iPhone 4 OS multitasking feature review along with seven features

Last week, Apple launched iPhone OS 4. This is the latest operating system for iPhone. The operating system includes many features and the most important and first feature is the ability to run multiple applications at a time. This facility or feature is the ‘multitask’.

The switching between apps is also easy and one has to just click on the home button two times. This feature also allows the user to run apps in the background for accessing continuously the network and internet resources.

Some years back, Apple had no multitasking support and background. Besides the advantages of the multitasking feature of OS 4, this has a drawback that it slows down the overall performance of device and also drains the battery faster. iPhone 3G of Apple and iPod of second generation can not support all the features of OS 4.0 and one of them is multitasking.

Other feature of this OS is Folder. This enables user to create folders for the applications. This way one can keep his apps on the desktop in an organized way. Unified email inbox facility is also a new feature of OS 4 and it allows the users to have more one exchange accounts, they can view their mails in threads and also can open attachments by using this feature. Os 4 also has a different and latest feature that is the iBooks. The iBooks work as a book reader and also comes with the iBookstore from where you can purchase ebooks online.

Apple has also included the improved data protection, device management, Exchange Server 2010 support, wireless app distribution, and the secure SSL VPN support. Another feature of OS 4 is its game center. This is a social gaming center, which is similar to the Microsoft’s Xbox live. You can also invite your friends and can play games with them as these are built into the operating system. Apple also has announced the 60 percent of the advertisement revenues to its developers.

iAd is also included into the new features by which the developers can advertise on iPhone. Apple will sell and also host the ads. This is also inbuilt feature of operating system. This newly launched OS offers over approximately 1500 new API calls and a framework as well that is called ‘accelerate’. The OS 4 also includes 5x digital, Bluetooth keyboards, search for SMS/MMS messages and many other wireless functions.


iPhone 3G
The iPhone 3G has greater battery life than the iPhone 3GS and it would be able to run multitasking. I have an iPhone 3G 16 GB, it lasts me up to 3 days without charging the battery again, I think Apple needs to rethink not giving the iPhone 3G all.
Posted by Diego