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Apple iPhone 4 OS and Opera Mini: the latest duo at Apple store

Apple’s iPhone 4 OS that was unveiled last week was a bagful of features, almost 100, as revealed by Steve Jobs, CEO Apple Inc. The feature list looks huge with the much awaited feature of multi tasking and it seemed that Apple is filling all those gaps that it left three years before. Then what’s the latest by Apple now? The latest is Apple’s approval for Opera Mini Web Browser for the iPhone and iPod Touch customers.

With 4.0 OS for iPhone and now Opera Mini, it is just like a cherry on the cake. Opera Promises to give its users a Web browsing experience which is six times faster than Apple’s own Safari Web browser. Great news isn’t it? Opera Mini is a breeze to use, the pages are loaded at a lightening fast speed. It also offers tabs that allow for multi tasking with several web pages.

Yes, it is the same multi tasking that we all have been eagerly waiting for Apple to introduce with its 4.0 OS. This means you will be able to run several apps at the same time (almost 12 apps simultaneously) without affecting the performance as Apple distilled background process into 7 different API services. These are audio apps, VoIP, push notification, task completion, local notifications, background location and security setting enhancements.

Opera Mini boasts of 50 million users world wide and now with Apple opening its gates of App Store for Opera, it seems that Safari, Apple’s own browser for iPhone devices is in threat. Opera Mini compresses data up to 90% before it is sent to the users’ device and this means that users can download pages much faster and better.

Opera Mini will be especially useful on slower networks such as 2G EDGE network. The browsing can be really helpful in saving money when the user is incurring roaming charges thanks to its data compression capabilities. The Web browsing experience for iPhone and iPod Touch customers will be great with Opera Mini.

Opera Mini is now officially available as a free download from App Store. There are however certain requirement for Opera Mini. It is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad and requires iPhone OS 2.2.1 or later.