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Apple iPhone 4G prototype story continues, Apple want Gizmodo return iPhone

Apple’s iPhone prototype has managed to create quite a stir ever since it was discovered carelessly left at the barstool by an anonymous bar-goer at a German beer garden at San Francisco. It was later discovered to have belonged to an Apple employee named Gray Powell, a software engineer at Apple.

The iPhone 4G was found inside a box of iPhone 3GS and no one had the idea that what they think was a lost property was actually the much talked about device around the world whose first glimpse matter a lot to not only general public but to gadget analysts and even to the rival firms.

The accidental unveiling of this iPhone 4G prototype has earned some great popularity as the device landed into the hands of Gizmodo by another drinker at the bar who found it that day, though he charged Gizmodo a hefty $5,000 but that was nothing as compared to what Gizmodo could get by laying its hand on that golden egg. Soon the blog site posted numerous pictures ad videos of the prototype. The site could rack about 10 million page views thanks to the iPhone 4G prototype.

Now to give you a little gist about the device in question. The handset had square edges with a flat back. The back was made with ceramic glass material which we came to know later was great to get a better reception. The display looked better too and it even had a front camera for facilitating video chat. The battery life also seemed longer.

Although Apple heavily protects its products and upcoming devices from media glare and goes to great lengths to ensure that no information is leaked prior to the launch of any of its products. But the devices are allowed to be tested by software engineers outside the Apple labs.

At such a delicate timing where Apple is gearing to launch its Fourth generation iPhone near this summer possibly June, such an incident can prove to be a gigantic error. The company is reportedly asking Gizmodo to return the device though nothing officially has been confirmed by Apple so far.

But Gizmodo’s editorial director has even published an official letter from Apple that requests the device to be returned immediately. Does that prove that the device is real? This however does not mean that the device was the next iPhone but we can not deny it being some sort of Apple prototype.

We recently have witnessed the introduction of Apple’s latest iPhone 4.0 OS which would be made available to the devices like iPod Touch and iPad. The company is also said to update the iPhone hardware around that time.