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Apple iPhone 4G prototype Gizmodo returns, Feature, specifications revealed

What’s latest now with the iPhone prototype that landed into the hands of Gizmodo by sheer luck or just by chance, but the news today is that it finally went to where it belonged- Apple Inc. To give you a quick recap, this iPhone 4G prototype was found carelessly left at a bar stool at a German Beer garden in San Francisco.

iPhone 4G was packed in an iPhone 3GS box and belonged to Gray Powell, a software engineer at Apple Inc. According to Gizmodo, the 27 year old employee was signed-in in his Facebook account and to the worst of his nightmares the devices landed into the hands of another bar goer who later on sold it to Gizmodo at $5,000.

Gizmodo released many videos and images of the iPhone 4G prototype and even dissected into the device to lay its hands on the hardware of the iPhone. But Apple was restless and wanted the device back and sent a letter to Gizmodo editorial director Brian Lam demanding the device be returned to the company. This was enough to prove that all that hype around the prototype was true and it was in fact an Apple product, may be not its next generation iPhone but surely a prototype of some sort.

Apple’s senior vice president and general counsel wrote to Gizmodo, “Dear Mr. Lam, it has come to our attention that Gizmodo is currently in possession of a device that belongs to Apple. This letter constitutes a formal request that you return the device to Apple. Please let me know where to pick up the unit.” The request was promptly agreed to by the website and device was returned to Apple on Monday night.

Meanwhile Apple has been keeping quiet about the iPhone 4 OS incident and the company did not mention it even during the second fiscal quarter on Tuesday afternoon. The company also declined to acknowledge it as the next generation iPhone.

>Now to give a glimpse at what Gizmodo revealed upon dissecting iPhone 4 OS- The phone was definitely an Apple product as APPLE was found prominently written at 3 different places. On the inside the back of the screen is a shiny mirror and if the user is not careful enough, he may end up scratching the face from the back just like a CD. The battery was not user-removable; the case had to be opened to get it. The phone is thinner and may weigh 3 gms more then 3GS and the battery is 19% larger than before.