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Apple iPhone 4G 16GB prototype leaked in Vietnam- looks refined and better

It seems that the Apple iPhone 4G leak saga continues one more time with another Apple iPhone 4 G prototype leaked on a Vietnamese site-Taoviet. This was a brand new iPhone 4G with 16 GB memory according to the label on the back panel. The iPhone was exhibited in front of the camera and later the phone was dissected and the pictures were uploaded on the Vietnamese forum.

It is interesting to note that the latest iPhone 4G leak is the second of its kind. The first such incident happened when a lost iPhone 4G was found by a bargoer in a bar in Red wood City which was later sold to Gizmodo for a whooping $10,000. However the amount was nothing as compared to some 2.5 million page views (which later went to 4 million) the site managed to earn in just a few days.

Later the iPhone that belonged to a software engineer with Apple Inc. was dissected and each tiny detail of the pre- production model that appeared much like an iPhone 4G prototype was revealed at the website. It was surely a golden iPhone 4G for Gizmodo. The site later returned the phone when asked by Apple which further proved that the device was an authentic Apple product.

Now coming back to the iPhone found in Vietnam, the device again seems like a pre-production iPhone 4G piece. The back panel of the device contained XXX for the model number and FCC ID number and carries the 16GB label too. The teardown also revealed the rumored internal codename text N90 and Apple A4 processor on Chip. The device looks more finished and looks more new and refined prototype than the one obtained by Gizmodo.

The back panel of this iPhone 4G prototype looked highly reflective and bears a large back facing camera with LED flash. It uses the same micro SIM card as with iPad the only difference being the card inserts from the top rather than the side.

Apple had earlier announced its plans to launch its biggest and most exciting software update, the much talked about iPhone than runs on 4.0 OS and included 100 new features. The company however laid much stress on 7 outstanding features including multitasking, folders, better emails, iAds, iBooks, game centre and its new enterprise features. This summer will see the latest OS 4 on iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and 2nd and 3rd generation iPod Touch.