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Apple iPhone 4: equipped with 6 dimensional motion sensing Gyro technology

Apple claimed that the new iPhone 4 that was released at the WWDC going on in San Francisco, has over 100 new features and is much advanced than the previous versions of the iPhone. The most exciting new features of the device include the 6 directional motion sensors, both front and the back camera and the Retina Display.

Steve Jobs very keen on showing-off the 6 dimensional motion sensing capabilities the iPhone 4 and did that by playing a game on the new phone. He just used a small movement of the phone to knock-off a set of blocks on the screen. Let us try to analyze what makes the phone just a brilliant gaming device. Here is an insight scoop.

The iPhone 4 comes with three motion sensors namely the Gyro, Accelerometer and the GPS. The 3 dimensional Gyro seems to be derived from the old gyroscope which is used in aircrafts for stabilization the gyroscope of olden times is rotating wheel that maintains its direction unless perturbed.

The Apple iPhone 4 has a virtual gyroscope built inside that senses the motion of the phone and then returns to a fixed direction, combining with the Accelerometer the device detects motion in 6-dimension and not 3 as previously. No, doubt Steve jobs was boasting about the gaming features.

Both Zynga and Activision have introduced the new games for the Apple iPhone 4 mainly the Fermville and Guitar Hero which are supposed to extract the maximum out of this technology.

So, if you are an Apple 3GS user or any other Smartphone user and think that you have seen it all in the mobile gaming technology then WAIT till you see this one, it will blow off your mind!!