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Apple iPhone 4: A review and problems identified in it by customers!!

Apple iPhone 4 has finally made it to its customers. After long time of expectations and eager wait for the device, it has broken all records on reaching the customers. The iPhone 4 is provided with loads of exciting features and specifications, and make it a unique device in many ways.

The iPhone 4 is the first in its clan to support video calling feature, thereby making it a sought after device by millions. This feature is very unique, and can take place only between iPhone 4 to iPhone 4, and also only over Wi-Fi. Though it seems to be a drawback, the appeal of the feature overshadows this limitation. The Retina display, a very much talked-about feature of the iPhone 4, enables packing of greater pixels per inch, exactly of 326 ppi, and thus provides a clear view of any document or image, in any size.

The feature of multiplexing is new in the iPhone 4, and thus makes the device an eye-catcher. Also, the support of the very large App Store, or the iTunes Store, provides an extra edge to the device for being considered for buying. HD Video Recording and the support of the iMovie app for easy video editing are other noteworthy features of the iPhone 4. A 5 MP camera with LED Flash is another major attraction of the device.

But with the receipt of the Apple iPhone 4 by its customers, they have found out some grisly problem with their iPhone 4. The problem has not been located by one or two customers, but by lots and lots of buyers who have received their own iPhones.

The problem has been identified as the dropping of signal to very low, when the user of the iPhone 4 touches the metal band surrounding the iPhone 4. This problem, though has been identified only when you are talking on the phone while holding it by the left hand, is quite great and alarming, as the calls may get disconnected.

Apple must react to this problem fast enough so as to not dis-satisfy its customers, and thus weaken the bond between Apple and its customers. So, till the, stay tuned for updates.


battery problem
i am using iphone 3g.i am facing problem regarding battery.when i charge my iphone it shows full charging sign on the top of left.but when i disconnect it from the source than its remains the same earlier charged phone,please help me
Posted by sahil