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Apple iPhone 4.0 OS with 7 new features: what it means to iPad and HP Slate

Thursday was the day when we heard some great stuff coming from Apple. It introduced the iPhone 4.0 OS version. The latest OS will offer an array of more than 100 features with a special mention to 7 outstanding features most awaited by the Apple fans. The features include multi tasking, gaming center, iBooks, iAds, app folder, enterprise feature and a unified email.

After many days of hype that HP managed to create and maintain around its latest PC tablet, Slate its high time that Apple replies back. The Thursday press release had Apple introducing the iPhone 4.0 OS version after a wait of almost 3 years. But can we say later the better? Let’s see.

The computing giant is back with a leash with its fourth generation iPhone OS that includes the more than 100 brand new features to face onslaught from smartphone manufacturers. A wish list of features is now fulfilled by this latest OS from Apple. But what does that mean for the iPad?

Steve Jobs, CEO Apple stunned the audience at the press release saying, “Apple will be bringing OS 4 to the iPad this fall.”

The iPad owners will get the new OS around fall. Apple has introduced some features which will be welcoming for its iPad that was facing storm lately by some unofficial document leak by HP. The most talked about flaws that Apple’s iPad faced against the Slate is the multi tasking feature and the good news for the iPad fans is that the feature will now be available.

Now the users will be able run more than one program on their iPads at a time. Current iPads use this feature but in a minor way but after the iPhone 4.0 OS comes to the iPad, multitasking services will be available in a full fledged way. The users will be able to perform task in the background that will help them preserve the battery life too.

One more good reason for them to smile for iPad users is that the OS upgrades will be provided to users free of charge. Among the other features that an iPad will benefit from the latest iPhone 4.0 OS are home screen wall paper, iTunes playlist creation feature and iBooks and some of the already existing apps like Keynote, Pages, and Numbers.