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Apple iPhone 4.0 OS new features: would not run on Original iPhone 4 OS

Apple had recently previewed its latest iPhone 4.0 OS in California, at its Cupertino headquarters. Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed the latest and more advanced features of this operating system at a press release. But this Monday, he confirmed that the original iPhone would not be able to run this latest OS 4.0. Job answered to an email sent by a customer asking him whether iPhone 4.0 OS would support the original iPhone and the answer was “Sorry no.”

It is clear now that many important features like the much talked about multitasking are not meant for the original iPhones 4G. In the press release Jobs offered some 100 features with its latest OS and among them 7 were the so called ‘tentpole’ features and multi taking was one of it. The feature allows the users to run several applications at the same time.

The iPhone 4G feature is offered with a simple task switcher, you just need to double click the home button and a list of running apps appears before you. This feature would now mean that you can finish important task while you are using one and other tasks are taken care off in the background.

This iPhone feature works very swiftly and the user would be able to switch between applications very fast. While doing so, the application on the foreground will not suffer any slowdown. The company offers seven types of multi tasking features: Back ground audio for apps like Pandora and may be Spotify. Second is a VoIP service for apps like Skype which enables users to receive calls even when they are inactive.

Third in the list is the background location feature that allows the locations apps to know the whereabouts of its user and is run by apps like Tom Tom which enables you to look at other apps. And will this while he GPS easily tracks you down.

The fourth multitasking feature in iPhone 4 OS is Push notification which is now more elaborate in the background and through it the iPhone now also supports local notifications as its fifth multitasking feature. The sixth multi tasking feature is a fast apps switching feature that makes all the running apps instantly available.

You would be able to start it again at the click of an icon without requiring starting them up each time. Last but not the least is the task completion feature that enables the user to finish any task before he switches to another apps.

There are however six more features offered by Steve Jobs among the list of 100 features like the iAds, unified email, iBooks, Game Centre, enterprise feature and home screen folders.