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Apple iPhone 4.0 OS features: a brief wrap up on 7 New Features

Apple CEO Steve Jobs finally revealed its upcoming updates to its OS of iPhone, the exciting and much awaited update ever by Apple. The iPhone 4.0 Operating System software included more than 100 features, but among them seven features are those that have a special importance for its users and Steve Jobs called them “the tentpoles.” Are they really that significant to any iPhone users? Well the answer lies in a brief wrap up of each one of them.

Multi tasking, yes did that word grab your attention? It surely did because lately there has been a lot of hue and cry about this feature, with Apple’s rivals condemning the device as it lacked this one feature. But now the good news is that you will have multi tasking on your iPhone. It is a quick way to move between apps and offers 7 different multitasking services to its developers to ass to their apps.

These are background audio so that you can play apps like Pandora in the background and also includes VoIP so that app can receive a VoIP call even when the user is running other apps. The 4.0 OS provides this features to third parties that helps preserve battery life.

The new iPhone 4 OS now offers a Unified mail box that allows its users to view messages from all their email accounts on a single inbox. This Multiple Exchange account lets you organize emails and quickly switch between accounts. This also enables its users to open attachments with the apps of their choice.

Next in the line is their new folders feature which enables its users to organize and access their apps quickly by just dragging one app icon onto another. A new folder gets created automatically and has a name too based on the Apps store category. This will help the users to access and organize more than 2,000 apps in their iPhone.

Apple also introduced iAds feature with its 4.0 OS that enables its users to get a full screen video display of ads and interactive ad content. The best thing is now the users can return to their apps anytime. This feature also lets the developers make a good amount of money to the tune of 60% of the iAds revenue.

iBooks is yet another feature added to the iPhone 4.0 OS which would enable the users to get Apple’s e readers and will be easily ported to iPhone from iPad.

There are certain new enterprise features added by Apple to its 4.0 OS to improve the security and scalability to protect the emails and attachments stored in the iPhone. The users will be able to use a passcode as an encryption key thereby making the iPhone and the data stored in it more secure. It will support Exchange 2010 and SSL VPN from Juniper and Cisco.

Among the gaming features are the new social gaming networking feature called the Game Center introduced by iPhone 4.0OS where the users will be able to invite friends to play games, start a multiple game via matchmaking and compare score on leaderboards together with achievements.

iPhone 4.0 OS beta software and SDK are immediately available to the iPhone Developer Program members; however an update for iPhone and iPod Touch will be available this summer while iPad customers will have to wait till fall.