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Apple iPhone 4- the feature-rich phone launched at WWDC by Steve Jobs

If you are one of those who has been seeing the Apple iPhone 4 only in dreams and planning to buy one as soon as it arrives, then your dreams have come true. Finally, Apple has released the Apple iPhone 4 at the WWDC going on in San Francisco, California. While unveiling the smartphone he said -“We are going to take the biggest leap since the original iPhone. There has never been the display like this on a phone.”  and was very justified in saying so because of the host of new features that he has incorporated in his iPhone 4.

The Apple iPhone 4 has a very sleek and trendy design with a stainless steel body and complete metallic look. There is even a fingerprint resistant coating on the front as well as on the back of the phone which protects the screen from fingerprints and maintains the display quality. This phone is only 9.3mm thick and Apple has already claimed it to be the slimmest smartphone on the planet.

The Apple iPhone 4 handset has about 100 new features including the front camera and the new and improved display technology called the ‘Retina Display’. The display screen of the Apple iPhone smartphone is identical in size to the previous version but is much more (four times better) in quality. The resolution that is supported is 960 x 640 pixels and the depth is 326 pixels per inch. The camera on the back is 5 MP and supports the LED flash technology and high definition video/photo capture. The videos can be captured on a timeline using the iMovie app provided along with the iPhone and can be edited and shared on virtually one tap of the screen.

The newest smartphone from Apple that is the Apple iPhone4 provides 802.11n wireless kit support which guarantees superb speeds inside a network. Besides this there is even the support for sensors like Gyro, Accelerometer and GPS that provides 6 dimensional motion sensing. This feature enables it to become an excellent motion sensitive gaming device so much so that it can rival the PS3. Apple iPhone 4 supports all the apps in the Apple app store and has the feature of integrating your apps, so, that the user’s desktop is well arranged and not very clumsy.

The iPhone runs on the Apple A4 processor and the iPhone OS4.0 (iOS4.0) and has the excellent battery life and supports the much hyped multitasking feature. The phone will be available in two versions one with the 16GB memory card priced at $199 and other with 32GB memory card priced at $299. The phones will be available for booking from the 15th of June and the sales will start from the 24th of this month.


iphone laounched in india
iphone laounched in india
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