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Apple iPhone4 launch in India in Sept. on Vodafone and Airtel network

Apple’s most successful launch to date, Apple iPhone 4 is expected to head towards India in September this year. India is being anticipated as one of the 88 countries to receive the new phone by September as per an announcement made by Apple. The carriers facilitating this launch are Vodafone Essar, Indian subsidiary of Vodafone Group and Bharti Airtel.

Vodafone has acted as a carrier in UK as well. Both Vodafone and Bharti Airtel have sold previous versions of the device. The iPhone 4 is geared up to be launched in US, France, Germany, Netherlands, France and the UK this month.

This time around it is expected that Apple’s iPhone4 launch in India turns out to be successful unlike the previous occasion. Apple iPhone 4 is expected to be priced higher in India though no official details have been revealed. As per the US pricing details, 16GB iPhone 4 will cost $199 USD while the 32GB iPhone 4 will cost $299 USD. Earlier when Apple iPhone 3G was launched in India, it did not do well due to it’s over pricing.

The sales of the model failed on the pricing front thus limiting the sales to a meager few thousands in India. The lack of sales was not only due to pricing but also lack of features. This time around, it is hoped that iPhone 4 enthusiasts won’t be disappointed.

Vodafone has confirmed the news over their website making it official. There were no specific timelines revealed though. There has been no official statement issue by Bharti Airtel in this regard. The move to launch iPhone in India in September is being welcomed by many eager Indian enthusiasts who cannot wait to get hands on this device. This fast role out is being seen as a move to counter the stiff competition that Apple is facing from its rival Google.

The main selling points of Apple iPhone 4 are its slim design, retina display and loads of technologically advanced features such as A4 processor that it would bring. With a global launch worldwide Apple aims to capture the iPhone market which it feels has not been tapped to its potential. As per the latest data, overseas markets contribute two thirds of the entire iPhone sale. "It's really just a huge market opportunity abroad for the iPhone," Broadpoint Amtech analyst Brian Marshall said.


Apple iPhone4 launch in India in Sept. on Vodafone and Airtel network by lata
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