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Apple iPad vs. HP Slate: a blow by blow comparison on features and specs

It seems that tablet market has yet another entrant with Hewlett-Packard bringing its own Slate but we are interested in knowing whether this tablet would be able to give competition to the gigantic Apple iPad or will race with other to be its top rival.

The much anticipated HP Slate runs on Windows 7 and HP has so far able to sell some 9,000 units of Slate in the market which according to its calculations was up by 4,000 units as the company expected to sell around 5,000 till this time. But with someone like Apple on the other side of the road that has sold a whooping 7 million units ever since its launch, the number looks tiny.

A comparison between iPad and HP Slate will let you decide which the tablet leader is. Talking about the design, I think Steve Jobs very well understands that tablets are all about their screen sizes and he did no mistake in offering a 9.7-inch screen with 1024 x 768 resolution. Slate’s screen size is 8.9-inch with same resolution and obviously no where stands before the charismatic iPad. Performance wise iPad is a blazing fast tablet that uses operating systems that can run well on slower processors. On the other hand we have HP Slate that runs on Windows 7 on a 1.86 GHz Intel Atom Z540 processor undoubtedly giving a great battery life but a slower performance.

You might think that Apple iPad has a serious performance disadvantage that it can not run most apps in the background. But that complaint will soon be rectified when Apple releases its iOS 4.2 update on November 24 that takes care of multitasking, wireless printing, enhanced security and more. Next issue on the cards is the internet browsing feature and Apple’s iPad has an outstanding web browser that handles basic web page rendering and any Windows browser. But it does not support Adobe Flash.

HP Slate can run any browser you want and can use any email app unlikely of its rival. But still iPad gets a thumps here as it has decent email software that can check personal or official email through web interface. Talking about Adobe Flash absence, iPad will not lose much as more and more websites are turning into HTML 5 for streaming videos.

One serious complaint that we have against iPad is the absence of any camera and HP Slate did not forget to include that one. It has one front facing VGA camera for video calling and a rear facing 3 MP camera for stills. Battery life of the iPad is better than Slate that promises to offer 5 plus hours on a single charge. But on the iPad you get 8 hours of decent battery and if you are reading e-book you just might get 12 hours battery. Now price wise iPad has three options: its Wi-Fi only model sells at $499 while you get iPad with 3G in the range of $699 to $829 depending upon memory. HP Slate price is $800 for 64GB minus 3G.

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Apple iPad vs. HP Slate: a blow by blow comparison on features and spe
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