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Apple iPad Vs HP slate: presentation slide leaked features, specs and price

Apple iPad Vs HP slate price in India

Hewlett-Packard’s latest product, the HP Slate has gathered much of attention after a presentation slide got leaked and Engadget managed to get its hands on this internal document. The presentation slide has actually compared HP Slate to Apple’s iPad and you can imagine the significance of such a document that has everything from features and specifications to the price of the device.

It will be really interesting to take a look at what HP Slate can do and iPad can not. The product details include the official hardware specs and the pricing. The presentation slide was HP’s own way to cut the hype created by Apple iPad among its employees. It offers comparative advantages of the Slate over the iPad. Though nothing has been said about the release date so far.

HP Slate will have two versions. The base version will be for $549. Slate comes with a 8.9 inch 1024 x 600 capacitive multi touch display which is a little smaller than the iPad both in terms of resolution and size. It comes with a 32 GB of flash memory and 1 GB of non-upgradable RAM. Slate runs on 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Z530 processor as against 1 GHz on the iPad.

The Slate by HP runs a touch optimized version of the Windows 7Home Premium that includes the touch friendly features of its OS. This means that you can now tap and drag content like web pages in the Internet Explorer and use its stimulated right-click. The device also comes with a custom touch optimized user interface from HP.

The Slate has an inward facing VGA webcam and an outward facing 3MP camera which is definitely a nice addition to the Slate by HP. Among the other features is its graphics accelerator for 1080p HD video playback. It comes with HDMI output and many options for expansion such as, SDHC card slot and USB port. The other version which is 64GB model is priced at $599. One thing that HP Slate falls short of is the battery life which is 5 hours.

With the features that seem to be missing in the iPad such the SD card slot and 2 cameras and a pricing which is bit lower than iPad, HP Slate is seen as the biggest possible iPad competitor.