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Apple iOS 4: Review of Multitasking and other new feature for iPhone update

The Apple iPhone is schedule to hit the markets this Thursday. There is only one day that the old iDevice owners have before their devices get out dated in this scenario it becomes overly important to at least upgrade the software of the device if not the hardware. But before upgrading to the new iOS 4 one should know about the merits and demerits of the same so here is a brief review.

The Apple iOS 4 comes with features like Multitasking, App integration (smart folders), email inboxes integration (unified inbox) and many more. Here we take a look at the new features in a detailed way.

Multitasking: Multitasking feature was one unticked box in the Apple’s feature cabinet, for a long -long time now. Finally, the iOS 4 is going to support the same. But exactly how capable will the multitasking feature be?

Well you will have to say not much. The multitasking feature provided by the upgrade is not a true one this is a basic app switching feature where the app that are not active are suspended and sent to the background. Their state of work is stores and when they are reactivated they continue from the same point. However the multitasking feature is not available with the models that were launched in or before 2008.

Smart Folders: This feature has made the creation of folders and arranging of similar apps on your iPhone so easy one can just drag and drop an icon on another and a new folder with the name of the first app will be created automatically.

Home Screen wallpaper: This addition seems to be a very lame addition in terms of features because most of the Apple iOS users are technology people who have hardly anything to do with the wallpaper still a worthy addition nevertheless adds color to one’s iPhone experience.

iBooks: With iOS 4, Apple is bringing its collection of eBooks to the smaller screen devices. First seen on the iPad, iBooks for iPhone and iPod touch will let you read those same books now on a much more portable device. It does have its flip slide though. The small screen may not be as comfortable to read as the one on the iPad, causing more strain on your eyes.

Integrated email:  With the new Mail application, you can finally have all your mails from different accounts in a unified inbox. A final new addition to Mail is the ability to open attachments with third party apps. If you don't have an app which can open that attachment, you will be taken to the App Store to download it. You can even open and save PDF files in iBooks now.

So, for those still struggling with the OS of the previous generation here is your chance to get the power of the next gen by upgrading your iPhone to iOS4.