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Apple Released Apple iOS 4 For iPhone 4 And iPhone 3GS Handsets

Recently Apple released much-awaited Apple iOS 4 in markets. So, does Apple iOS 4 is able to make any difference? And challenge Android 2.2 Froyo effectively? Well, some of these questions remained indecisive as most of the market experts are offering mixed response. Some says, it is good, some says, Apple iOS 4 do not offer comprehensive solution to demanding users.

Yeah! it’s a undeniable truth that Apple iOS 4 falls shorts in many fronts but still in few unique features Apple iOS 4 comes out winner. We can’t outright say that Android 2.2 Froyo is better than Apple iOS 4 but we need our reader to reach a decisive decision if they want Apple iOS 4 for a change or go for the Android 2.2 Froyo.

Apple iOS 4 Features:


iPhone users had always been demanding multitasking option, now latest update of Apple iOS 4 enable user to perform multitasking on iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS handsets. However, multitasking on Apple iOS 4 merely suspends other applications in background, due to this, no activity could be performed in background through other applications while users are working on live application.

Organization and Drag and Drop Feature:

Apple iOS 4 on iPhone, will enable users to organize files and folders and also navigate them through drag and drop feature. Though Apple iOS 4 do not provide file manager for centralized management to handle photos, videos and documents at one place.

E-Book Reader:

In unique features list Apple iOS 4 on iPhone offer e-book reader functionality to read downloaded books and also share e-books with iPad and vice-versa wirelessly.

Centralized Mail-Management System:

Apple iOS 4 offer centralized mail management system through multiple e-mail accounts. Moreover, Apple iOS 4 enable users to open e-mail attachments, but there is a setback for wannabe Apple iOS 4 owners that Apple iOS 4 is not capable to attach files on e-mail.

Longer Video Recording Feature:

Apple iOS 4 on iPhone will be capable of recording videos on high definition for longer time of 720p at 30 frames per sec. And also with high definition video recording, users can edit videos through in-built video editing feature. Additionally, geotagging for photos and videos has been provided on Apple iOS 4.

As mentioned earlier Apple iOS 4 fall short to offer most demanded features such as FM Radio, in-built photo editing feature, Adobe Flash support and few others. Nevertheless, Apple iOS 4 is better than previous version and will soon be available for update on Apple’s official website.