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Apple Mac Mini- A review of price, features and specs

Apple Mac Mini price in India

The Macintosh series from Apple is one of most advanced series of compact desktop computers in the world right now. Apple has done its best to keep the same on the top of the league the latest try from Apple is the Apple Mac Mini upgraded version which was released at the E3 expo that was held earlier this month.

The Mac Mini is already making news in the technology galleries with some excellent specs and superb features. The device is only 1.4’’ thick and 7.7’’ square it weighs around 3 pounds and packs all the power circuitry inside hence getting rid of the ugly looking power brick, a trick that the other desktop manufacturing companies should learn. The device boasts an Aluminum unibody form factor that provides the device some excellent looks.

Apple has decided to ship the device without the mouse or the key board as it claims that this device is mainly for switchers who already have the mouse and keyboard with them. Also, the claim is that the Mac Mini is the world’s most power efficient desktop with the power features like inbuilt power brick and no harmful emissions it may very well be not only the most power efficient but also the most clean desktop computer.

The device has a HDMI media out port that can be used to connect it directly to a high definition TV and watch the high definition videos directly on the HDTV. Another addition is the in-built SD card reader that can be used to read all the contents that your smartphone would gather. The desktop also has the NVIDIA GeForce 320M graphics card which according to Apple is going to enhance the graphic capabilities of the device two fold.

Other specs of the device that are definitely worth noting are the Intel core2 Duo processor and an Apple Mac operating system, the device is also packed with a 2GB ram and 320GB hard disk for an excellent performance. The server edition of the device has also been released which boasts a pretty decent 4 GB ram and 500 GB of hard disk space inside it and can used to create server computers.

In India both the versions of the device are available in the market, with the standard version consisting around Rs 44, 900 and the server version coming at a slightly expensive price of Rs 64, 900.


Apple Mac Mini- A review of price, features and specs
Apple Mac Mini- A review of price, features and specs
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