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Apple IPhone 4 Os: Latest Review Shows Unique Multi Tasking Feature for use

The iPhone 4 OS from Apple is said to be available with some unique features for the user. Apple considers among the several additional features, the multi tasking feature to be the best option and it is confident that this feature will ensure that the phone is well accepted by gadget lovers across the globe.

These iPhone 4 OS features would include iBooks, unified mail inbox, multitasking, enhanced settings of the mail, and a centre for game. Apart from that, the network and the internet facilities are a must. All these features are extremely wanted in today’s times and so it is for sure that the phone will be a great hit.

Though it is considered that the multitasking facility would be the best option for the new iPhone 4 OS yet the devices which are older than the iPhone 3GS as well as Ipod touch, multitasking would not be able to work with them. With this feature, the user would be able to access several applications at the same time.

Without losing the performance, the user would be able to add the new iPhone 4 OS to their device. The users would be able to get several kinds of services from this operating system and these services would be covered under different scenario. They would be bale to stream in music, videos, photos and many more.

iPhone 4 OS is considered to be an advertising platform which would give the facility of advertisement. This launch in fact is the biggest competitor of the Windows 7 phone. Apart from improvement in the iPhone OS, Apple promises that it would definitely satisfy the users to a great extent.

The navigation facility that is available in the iPhone 4 OS would be shared between two applications running in background. This new operating system is considered to be one of the most advanced operating system in the world. The customers of Apple would be able to enjoy different range of apps under 20 or more categories. Some of these would include business, games, sports, news, health, travel and lots more.