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Anti-iPhone- no-frills, no feature phone that just makes calls nothing else

How less-confusing will it be if you get a mobile phone that just does a job it is meant for- making calls? Dutch advertising agency John Doe has created a phone that unlike other modern day phones like iPhoen can just make calls and there is nothing called as multi function features attached to this device.

The Ant-iPhone handset neither has apps nor has MP3 player, it can not even text messages nor is connected to your favorite social network. This device, also called the ‘Anti-iPhone’ is designed to meet the needs of buyers who get too confused with a plethora of functions their phones can do.

When we get abundance of choices we tend to get confused and in such times we want something simple and easy. Based on this phenomena John Doe created the ‘Anti-iPhone’ to offer a mobile handset to youngsters who are buying their first phone and are left confused by modern technology. This phone measures 10.5 cm in length and actually offers a pen and paper notepad tucked behind its flap to note down contacts. The only so-called modern feature that it has is its ability to assign ten speed dial numbers.

Designer Diedriekje Bok said that it is also a useful phone while traveling, exercising or weekend sailing. The phone is seen as an antidote to modern high tech mobile devices such as iPhone hence got its name. Hailed as the world’s simplest mobile phone, the phone has no frills and no unnecessary features such as camera, endless number of ringtones and text messaging.

The device is priced at 67 pounds and comes in brightly colored façade and big buttons that resembles a toy. John’s phone is all about simplicity which according to its designers is its biggest USP. It is a basic backlash targeted at young mobile users who are getting a mobile phone for the first time.

“You always reach your close family and friends, so john’s phone is for when the rest of the world does not matter," says designer Bok. But it remains to be seen whether the phone catches the eye of modern mobile users who want everything out of their tiny gadget, whether it is gaming, surfing, apps, calculating, computing, multimedia, camera and many more things. Simplicity and style are definitely native to this phone but will it go beyond first time young mobile users or old people?


Just5 is an awesome anti-iphone
I suggest that you get the Just5 cell phone. Yes, it is simple and basic but it does not limit what you can do in a cell phone. This is perfect for people who want not only simplicity in their cell phones but also security in their lives
Posted by Ronald
Anti-iPhone- no-frills
iphones with frills!!! sad....
Posted by sm