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Announcement of Apple iPhone OS 4 led innovation in technology of mobiles

Apple has announced the launch of one of the latest edition of the operating system for its mobiles. Apple announced the changes for iPhone OS which are coming later this year, in iPhone OS 4.

The most anticipated features of iPhone OS 4 is multitasking which gives the facility to run more than one programs at a time. Apple also outlined the list of services with seven services for enhancing multitasking in iPhone OS 4.

iPhone 4 OS features

  • Multitasking – VOIP, Background audio, Task completion, Local notification, push appl;ications and Fast app switching.
  • Enhanced Email – Multiple exchange accounts, Unified inbox, Fast inbox switching and Threaded messages.
  • Folder App – Drag Drop User Interface, Intelligent naming and from 180 to 2160 apps are available on iPhone.
  • Enterprise – Mobile Device Management, Data protection, Wireless app distribution, Exchange server 2010, multiple exchange accounts and SSL VPN support. 
  • iBook Support – iBookstore, Delightful Ebook reader, Sync page and bookmarks, buy once – read anywhere and free Winnie the pooh.
  • iAd – for mobile advertising – Ads within app, Interactive ads, Apple sells and hosts the ads, ads built into iPhone OS and 60% revenue to developers. 
  • Game Center – Social gaming networking, Matchmaking, Invite friends, Achievements and Leader boards.

The features of Apple’s iPhone OS 4, that launched newly, are helpful for the users. The new features like multitasking are important when you want to work simultaneously with two or more applications. Other features such as push and local notifications the push notification offers the use of functionality that already exists as a substitute for true multitasking. Another term local notification works on devices rather than going the servers of Apple.

Fast application switching can also be possible which allows the apps to hibernate without the use of CPU. The folder support facility in iPhone OS 4 allows users to create the folders and organize the apps. The list of iPhone apps consists of pages of icons.

The task completion service allows you (end user) to swap to a different app while something continues in the background. By using this facility you can also upload your photo to Flickr. The application may alert you when the upload has completed. These features will also work on the latest iPods and iPhone 3GS.