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Airtel launches Application Central in 22 categories at affordable price

Airtel, the telecommunication giant is the famous service provider in the telecommunication services and has been doing great with all its services. Airtel has been known for its commendable services to the customers in its every product.

The provider considered to be the most efficient has been serving people not only telephone services but is doing great with its broadband services too. Another thing added by Airtel recently to exhilarate its customer is the Airtel Application Central.

Airtel Application Central, as the name suggests in the center for application that the Airtel is going to provide to its customers. It is another service provided to the people apart from Airtel Live and is going to help in captivating more people to make it self further flourish in the market.

It is nothing complicated but is something to fill its customers’ mobile and time with fun apps and there are certain applications that are surely meant for you if not all. This App Central would be covering 22 different categories of applications. It is a store by Bharti Airtel and is India’s first mobile app store.

There are many useful and fun filled applications available on the Application Central. The user can choose the desired application from the store. You can choose from over 1250 applications and this amount of applications is surely going to keep you busy. You can choose from games, social networking, themes, business, travel, books and even other useful software to make your phone super cool.

Amongst this variety of applications, there are some apps which might be free and some might not be free and you have to pay for them. The payment procedure is what you will surely going to like because it is pretty awesome. The charges for the application will be deducted from your balance or would be added to your bill. This is something great and easy.

The price of the application to the least is Rs 5. It is easy, simple and fun. Airtel Application central would provide apps for everyone which would leave them in the increment of their market in India. To check out the buzz about Application Central, you can hit Airtel Live or SMS “app” to “54321” to get the URL and browse the fun apps by Airtel.