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Airtel launches 3G enabled HTC smart phone at price Rs. 9,900 in India

Airtel HTC smart phone price in India

With in few days after launching, Apple iPhone, Bharti Airtel the leading telecom player in India has launched 3G enabled HTC smartphone at price Rs. 9,900 in India. HTC Corporation is a Taiwan based telecom player.

Before this also HTC has launched HTC Touch Diamond high end mobiles in India. Company claims that HTC is build after incorporating customer feedback and is completely different that touch phone.

HTC smart phone is a basic smartphone was simple features and specifications. The main feature is 3G enabled low prices model. The phone has 2.8" screen and 3MP camera. The smartphone operates of Qualcomm operating system Brew MP. The phone has been already show cased at various electronic shows and has been launched in UK and some other Western countries.

The phone is very stylish in look and very light weighing only 108 gms. Its battery has talk time capacity of 6 hours on WCDMA network and 7.30 hours on GSM network connection.

3G enabled HTC smart mobile will be available in 30 cities across India in most of the Airtel stores and HTC stores in India. This is one of the most affordable smart phone in India.

HTC smart has usual HTC design theme which is revolves around making mobile user friendly. User can organise required applications as per their priority and also its very convenient for social networking on sites like Facebook, Twitter etc.