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Airtel gearing up for a price slash for iPhone 3G in India

Airtel iPhone 3G smartphone price in India

It seems that iPhone 3G, the Indian chapter is having a roller coaster ride here in India. There are rumors that iPhone 3G will get a massive price cut to the tune of Rs.10, 000, which is large chunk of money. The rumors got aired due to some leaked documents that clearly shows a major price cut.

The new pricing of the older version of iPhone which is iPhone 3G 8GB to be Rs. 18,499 and for the 16GB model it is rumored to be at Rs. 24,999. It is interesting to note that iPhone 8GB was offered by Airtel at Rs. 29,500.

Not only this, the document also shows a different data plan from Airtel. Earlier the company had offered a data plan where 500MB of free data to its iPhone customers at a price of Rs. 30p/50KB of extra usage.  Now according to the leaked screen shots the same has been revised to 10p/50KB.

It has been just a few days when iPhone 3GS was released in India after much hype about the product. The latest iPhone 3GS is Apple’s most anticipated phone so far and its releases was equally dramatic with Bharati Airtel entering into a contract to sell iPhone 3GS and iPhone 3G in India.

The news about Airtel offering to sell iPhone 3GS and 3G India was still fresh than comes another breaking news from Vodafone, India’s second largest cellular service provider joining the iPhone sale race with Airtel. Vodafone came up with some great plans to offer to its iPhone customers.

Does that mean that iPhone 3G will become more affordable now to its Indian customers? Well if it does then Airtel seemed to have understood the worries of iPhone customers well in time. There are however fresh rumors about Airtel relaunching the iPhone 3G in the upcoming months. If the rumors turn out to be true then there is definitely a reason for all the iPhone 3G admirers to be happy as now the phone will surely fall into their affordable brackets.