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African firm launches Mi Fone series of mobiles in India

Mi-Fone, one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers has finally entered India with the launch of their Mi-Q series phones. This series has got a very wide range of mobile phones including Mi-Q (with voice and SMS features), Mi-Q1 GPRS with Camera and Dual SIM card and the Mi-Q5S.

Mi-Fone Inc. is only in its second year of operation throughout whole Africa and has already established its market in 15 different countries including Ghana, Tanzania, Mauritius, DRC, Kenya, Uganda, Burkina Faso, Zambia, Madagascar and Nigeria.

It took around a year for Mi-Fone Inc for framing-up its distribution channel throughout the country.

CEO Mi-Fone even stated in his statement that they are very convinced with their current sale forecasts, that this is the right time to venture on their brand awareness campaigns across the country.

The Mi-Q range mobile phones are embedded with full color screen, QWERTY keypad and FM Radio. And particularly Mi-Q338 is featured with additional features like LCD touch screen, Dual Sims with analog TV, MP3 and video potentiality as well as multi-media functions like SMS, MMS, GPRS, WAP and a shake sensor.

Mi-Q is going to launch some more handsets in future including Mi 323, Mi 338, Mi 2010 and the Mi 350a; and they will come with more advanced technologies including "MI-APPS" which will empower its users to experience what Mi-Fone terms a lighter version of the "Blackberry experience". This Application will also include Push email and Messenger facilities.

The Mi-350a comes with an antenna which helps in increase in the reception by 2-3db, and is also featured with two batteries, with an innovative way of changing a battery when the phone remains on. Both these characteristics with the new Mi-Fone keeps the user connected at all times.

Mi-2010 is a very low cost and efficient handset with the Dual Sim feature and includes a camera to catch all the memorable moments.

Mi-Fone Inc. is expecting a huge response in India as people here are always ready for something in the Market with much more advanced and high-tech features. It will be very challenging for them as India is being counted one of the top Technical Giants among the whole world and it’s full of competitors globally and within the country also.

We just have to wait and watch how mobile freakers are responding towards these new Mi-Fone handsets.