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Adam tablet PC from Notion Ink performs better at low price over iPad

Adam tablet PC Price in India

Adam tablet PC from Notion Ink performs better at low price over iPad. Adam tablet PC stands better than iPad in performance in terms of efficiency, power usage, operating system supported and many other features. Also starting price of Adam tablet PC is $325 which is around 36% lower than $499, the starting price of iPad. Adam tablet PC is set for launch in June 2010.

In Adam tablet PC features and specifications, it has battery life of 20 hours while on normal usage and 16 hours while using for watching video, whereas iPad has only 10 hours of battery life on normal usage and 6 hours on watching video. Adam tablet PC also supports Google chrome and Firefox operating systems whereas iPad supports only Apple OS.

Adam tablet PC uses latest version of Adobe flah 10.1 making it faster tool for multi tasking and improving web browsing speed. Adam tablet PC memory can be increased with SD cards compared to 3 memory options of 16GB, 32BG and 64GB of iPad making it more customized for user.

Adam tablet PC has screen size of 10 inch and does not not have LCD screen which are the points where it looses to iPad. Adam tablet PC is low price brand but with better performance and feature overall. Also Adam tablet PC fro Notion Ink is emerging brand where iPad from Apple is popular brand. However Adam tablet PC is highly popular among tech geeks. The tech blogs and sites r flooded with reviews and chats on Adam tablet PC.

Adam tablet PC is developed by Notion Ink, a Hyderabad based firm started by IIT and management graduates. All the starters of this firm have age between 20-25 years making it a very young company. Adam tablet PC was show cased in Mobile World Congress (MWC) Barcelona on last Sunday.

The Notion Ink has developed Adam tablet PC in a period of 3 years. Adam tablet PC will be launched in India and US simultaneously.


IT HAS A PIXELQI SCREEN! IT MOST CERTAINLY DOES NOT LOOSE TO THE IPAD OR FOR THAT MATTER ANY SCREEN APPLE MAKES. The Adam's screen is beautiful and in my opinion the only place where the Adam doesn't match up to the ipad is in the app store, but that may soon change.
Posted by tobysk