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Adam Tablet of Notion Ink officially unboxed

Adam Tablet Price in India

The tablet named Adam from the makers of Notion ink which was rumored to endanger Apple iPad’s number of customers is making news since the day its launch was announced. After the legendary way of its inception the tablet is making waves in calm waters again by the release of the official unboxing of Notion Ink.

It seems that the makers of notion Ink had made careful observation of the all that Apple has to do and had taken their steps accordingly. After a delay of around 1 week the tablet is finally ready for its shipping. The delay was caused due to the fact that the device was not getting its approval from the FCC and the CS but after the rough patch it seems to be a smooth sail for the tablet.

Taking a leaf out of Apple’s book the makers of Notion Ink had made it a point to encase the tablet in such a box which would apart from protecting the tablet would also be fashionable. The packing also has the provision whereby the device can be propped out of the box for display.

In the official blog of Notion Ink they have uploaded the boxes of the Adam’s tablet which is ready to be shipped to the customers who have placed some advanced orders. For the customers who have made advanced booking for the tablet, it would go from China to the main notion Ink’s logistics department in Hong Kong from where it would be displaced to the buyers. The number of days that would take is still quite uncertain.

Adam’s tablet which comes from the makers of India is quite a device with NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual core processor. Apart from that it also has 10-inch WSVGA PixelQi display with a good resolution of 1024 x 600. RAM is 1 GB of the tablet and it has a 3.2 megapixel camera which swivels and autofocus on objects. With nice connectivity it provides Bluetooth, two USB ports, HDMI slot, and a microSD card slot.

Thus everyone is looking forward to this miracle device to get out of its beautiful box and enthrall the users.


adam tablet
good news to hear.
Posted by isha
Adam Tablet
I've heard about this sometime ago. It will be interesting to see if it gives Apple a run for its money.
Posted by Eva L.
Adam Tablet of Notion Ink officially unboxed
So now the Adam's tablet is here to give Apple a drive off !! lets see .
Posted by Appy