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Adam Tablet PC from Notion Ink will with better specification than iPad

Adam Tablet PC from Notion Ink is competing with Apple iPad in features as well reviews from tech experts all over World. Adam Tablet PC is much better placed on many specification over iPad. Adam is already a hit among tech experts on blogs and other platforms.

Adam Tablet PC is well below the pricing of iPad and yet attractive. It has been developed by young professional in a start up firm Notion Ink in Hyderbad, India. Development of Adam is result of 3 years of heard work of these young experts. With the launch of Adam, India yet again proved to the World a place for innovation at economic cost.

Adam Tablet PC from Notion Ink is expected to be launched in India and US market in mid of 2010. However the real hype already created by Adam is good indication fo success in market when launched. What is more important in Adam is that it can be easily customized as per user requirement. Also it is equipped with Adove flash 10.1 version making it better system for browsing.

The technology used in making of Adaam tablet PC gives edge over iPad in performance. It is claimed to be double efficient over iPad in battery life also.

Developed by grown up firm Notion Ink, Adam Tablet PC is really smart move to compete with big brand iPad from Apple. Also various issues and concerns in iPad gives better opportunity for Adam to be hit in the market.


I've seen some videos of this tablet, Adam. It has some features like camera, Flash etc which is not there in the iPad. The features and specs for the price is very impressive. This is value for money. I think the competition will really hurt iPad.
Posted by Paul
Not impressed.
I am not impressed with the Notion Ink Adam. It looks laggy and I am not impressed with the size (I understand its a prototype). My advice is save up the money and buy an iPad. Article bookmarked
Posted by William