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Adam Tablet PC from Notion Ink uses Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

Notion Ink Adam whose teaser was the talk of MWC 2010 is going to be picked up like hot potatoes by the customers thanks to dual mode display and its ability to work across different platforms like android, Chromium and Ubuntu. Notion Ink Adam Tablet PC uses Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox  for browsing.

What makes Adam Tablet PC a show stealer it is exceptional battery life of more than 10 hours which makes it ideal for long hours of Wi-fi experience, music hearing and watching videos to your heart’s content. The presence of NVIDIA Tegra chips could make the battery of Adam last longer by at least 2-3 times than that of iPad.

Adam Tablet PC from Notion Ink will be available in two different versions with thickness of about 11.6mm and 12.9 mm which is still lesser than the iPAD frame. Adam packed with a 3 megapixel camera, 3 USB port, touchpad, assisted GPS, light sensor and accelerometer is a steal for the offering price of $300-$800 which is way lesser than iPad.

Adam Tablet PC also features a cool Pixel Qi display that not only provides it with a high quality 1080p video output in comparison to iPad 576p display but also helps in energy saving making the users enjoy the device for longer time frames.

The Adam Tablet PC also have the option to make use of LCD colored screen ink with e-ink low power option depending upon the activity they are performing. As per Rohan Shravan, Adam and Flash will walk hand in hand making it a graphic users delight.

Adam users also get the advantage of modern web browsers such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for unmatched browsing experience as compared to more outdated Safari browser that is being used in iPad. Notion Ink Adam also provides memory expansion slots to the users for enhancing the memory from 16GB to up to 64 GB.