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Acer Liquid E Ferrari price in India, Acer special edition Ferrari price

Acer Liquid E Ferrari price in India

Acer announced its very exclusive special edition smartphone in India, the new Acer Liquid E Ferrari for those who look for performance, speed and sophistication, the qualities akin to the high speed racing car, Ferrari. The Acer Liquid E Ferrari is handset is a true symbol of exclusive features and state of the art technology found in the super fast Ferrari.

Also the famous ‘Scuderia Ferrari’ logo sits right there at the back of this beautiful bright red special edition handset. The company’s idea to deliver a perfect expression of excellence and power through this smartphone that gives a strong sense of oneness to all Ferrari fans.

It goes without saying; the Acer Liquid E Ferrari is phone is a beauty to own just like any model of a Ferrari with an eye catching design, a glossy bright red casing with chrome trim and above all the speed and superior performance which makes it a true Acer Liquid E Ferrari. The phone is based on Android 2.1 and comes with a large 3.5 inch hi-resolution capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution.

Acer Liquid E Ferrari handset has a completely customized user interface that allows its fans of Rossa to have the same thrill as that with a Gran Premio at their fingertips. The phone has a 5 –page homepage that lights up by the Ferrari wallpaper that completely immerses you to the world of Formula 1.

Acer Liquid E Ferrari is phone runs on under-clocked 768 MHz snapdragon processor, has 256 MB RAM and a 5MP camera. The connectivity features include Wi-Fi and it also features an Elite Bluetooth Head set that regulates volume automatically with videos, ringtones and images and also cancels echoes.

Acer Liquid E Ferrari is created from a pure racing soul. It is not just a super luxurious smartphone but a complete winner when it comes to performance. With a careful attention given to its minutest of details the phone promises to deliver a unique experience to its owner.

Acer Liquid E Ferrari is a true masterpiece from the concept down to the finished product with inspiration drawn from Formula 1 world. While speaking about the handset, Gianpiero Morbello, VP, Acer said, “A Ferrari is not just about speed. It is an expression of beauty, power, excitement, pleasure and natural excellence.”

Acer Liquid E Ferrari will be seen in India in the month of July with no details about the pricing from the company yet.


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