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AT&T suspension on iPhone 4 pre-orders temporarily

After non-availability of iPhone 4 white dissuaded potential iPhone 4 buyers, are now again in dilemma as AT&T website recently updated on Wednesday morning that pre-orders for iPhone has been postponed indefinitely. AT&T is largest telecom operator in United States; and AT&T was offering special tariff plans on iPhone 4; due to this AT&T pre-orders overwhelmed soon and even Apple is not accepting pre-orders now.

Apple unveiled iPhone upgraded version iPhone 4 on 7th June at a launch function, introducing iPhone 4 in black and white colored designs. Recently, iPhone 4 fans received a set back when news came out that iPhone 4 white won’t be available soon. However, Apple replied assertively, claiming to provide iPhone 4 white for purchase soon in market, though Apple never confirmed iPhone 4 white availability on 24th June in retail stores or presently for pre-orders. P.S. iPhone 4 white is instant hit in market.

Reason to first sight love for iPhone 4 white is its beautiful elegant look which looks much better than black. At first sight, iPhone fans fell in love with iPhone 4 white, and currently many are rushing to Internet to track slightest chance for getting iPhone 4 white but much to their disappointment, not a single retailers is offering iPhone 4 white. Now more a blunder technical glitch they’re facing from Apple and AT&T is temporary suspension on pre-orders.

Probably, Apple was not ready to such a huge response and bulk pre-orders, and now iPhone 4 fans are at suffering end. Perhaps, we are addicted to first sight romance of iPhone 4, and indefinite longing is haunting us and making us intemperate to shallow patients forcefully.

Well, talking sense, Apple has hit the bull’s eye, which Google Android 2.2 might not be able to do. Google Android 2.2 might be better technically but Apple has intoxicated us to addiction and iPhone users won’t ask for more than iPhone except iPhone 4.

AT&T and Apple has not officially announced that when pre-orders for iPhone 4 black will resume. Moreover, Apple didn’t confirmed if present non-availability situation is going to effect June 24 sale launch for retail stores. Meanwhile, iPhone 4 range starts from $199 on official site, though, iPhone fans can expect for inexpensive and cheap deal on iPhone 4 with Walmart and other retailers both online and offline.