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AT&T, LG and HTC line up to bring out Microsoft Window phone 7

The first handset of Microsoft smartphones will be available from November 8, 2010 and it will be offered by AT&T. LG and HTC are soon going to bring out their versions of the models. The Window Phone 7 is expected to be at priced $199.99.

The focus of this has been the demands of the users and now it seems that much of the requirements of the users have been satisfyingly addressed. XBOX Live, Facebook and the storing of the last tweet in the contact page provides some of the charming features of the phone.

The phone is stylus free and the 5 megapixel camera can record high definition images as well as video. This new system will not be compatible with the existing Microsoft operating system. The phone has a touch screen function and web based applications which leaves the customer with choices of not depending upon stylus to make the perfect choice.

There were reports that the Samsung focus will be the slimmest of all phones available in the market and it will also possess a 8GB memory. This can be the smartest phone available and it can also expand with memory cards. It has a 4 inch 800X480 AMOLED screen.

The LG Quantum have a sliding keyboard which as according to the speculators and reviewers can kill much of the appeal of the phone. However, QWERTY keyboard will be an added aspect of interest.

The HTC HD7 is a big phone with a 4.3 inch 800-by-480 screen. It is also simple unlike its LG counterpart and provides user friendly options to all who want to operate this phone. The built in kickstand is useful and it is of more help when viewing a video when with the help of that, the phone can be made to sit on a table.

T Mobile’s phone will be providing with T-Mobile TV application which will ensure the live streaming for free. Some other features however can be downloaded.