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ACi Icon 1100 Price, ACi Icon 1100 Features 3G connectivity optional

ACi Icon 1100 Price

The latest laptop with 3G connectivity and high quality 10.2 inch screen features, ACi Icon 1100 price in India is Rs. 4,999. ACi Icon 1100 price at less than Rs. 5,000 makes it cheapest laptop in India. ACi Icon 1100 price is good news especially for young students who cant afford high cost laptops. ACi Icon 1100 features 512MB of RAM, high definition audio system for entertainment and USB 2.0 for inserting drives.

ACi Icon 1100 Features

ACi Icon 1100 price is amazingly low but on the contrary it has all features which will ensure its usability both for personal and professional usage. ACi Icon 1100 features 10.2 inch with 1024x768 pixel resolution which will ensure quality user experience as well as good level of performance even while working on long assignments. ACi Icon 1100 features 4GB of internal memory and 512MB of RAM which together will provide good speed even for heavy applications like games and video streaming.

  • Screen size: 10.2 inch
  • Screen resolution: 1024x768 pixel
  • RAM: 512MB
  • Expandable RAM: 1GB
  • Internal memory: 4GB
  • Expandable memory: 32GB
  • 3 Slots for USB 2.0 for connectivity

ACi Icon 1100 Specifications

ACi Icon 1100 specifications include white attractive color model with stylish design and light weight of just 700 gms. ACi Icon 1100 is very thing and hence portable with overall dimensions of 11.0x7.25x1.0 inch. ACi Icon 1100 comes with wireless adaptor and 10/100 Ethernet adaptor. ACi Icon 1100 is compatible with Windows and supports almost all kind of applications.

  • Color: white
  • Weight: 700 gms
  • Dimensions: 11.0x7.25x1.0 inch
  • Battery type: NA
  • Battery support time: NA
  • Communication specifications
  • 10/100 Ethernet Adaptor
  • Wireless Adaptor
  • 3G Ready (Optional)

ACi Icon 1100 Price 2012

ACi Icon 1100 laptop price in India is Rs. 4,999 which is also the best price. It may vary slightly for people who wish to buy it from retail shops in different cities in India.