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3G mobile Phones in India, 3G Nokia mobile, 3G Macromax, Samsung phones

3G mobile Phones Price in India

Most of the mobile are launching 3G mobile Phones in India especially for the 3G services being rolled out. Nokia has lanched 3G phone Nokia C6 in India. Other 3G powered mobiles from Nokia are Nokia 3G mobile phones are Nokia E5 (3G mobile in India), Nokia C5 (3G mobile in India), Nokia E72 (3G mobile in India), Nokia E71 (3G mobile in India), Nokia X6 and Nokia E63.

Samsung has introduced Samsung Corby M5650 a 3G enabled phone in India. Other mobiles of Samsung for 3G are Samsung S3370, Samsung I7500 (3G mobile in India), Samsung C6625 (3G mobile in India), Samsung B7300 OMNIALITE (3G mobile in India) and Samsung S5620 MONTE (3G mobile in India).

Micromax one of the fastest growing mobile company has launched Micromax Modu T, a 3G enabled phone in India. Other mobiles of Micromax for 3G services are Micromax Andro A60 (3G mobile in India), Micromax H360 (3G mobile in India) and Micromax Modu (3G mobile in India).

The leading consumer electronics brand LG has also introduced 3G mobiles in India. Some of the mobiles which supports 3G from LG are LG Cookie plus GS500 (3G mobile in India), LG (3G mobile in India), LG BL20 (3G mobile in India), LG GU285 (3G mobile in India) and LG GT505 (3G mobile in India).

  • 3G mobiles in India by Nokia
    • Nokia C6 is a popular mobile phone launched by Nokia with 3G support feature. It is an awesome looking touch screen handset with qwerty keypad. With the help of qwerty keypad the user can communicate with his/her friends easily by sending messages fast.
    • Nokia C6 is loved by all the youngsters as user can take photos and videos with its 5MP camera and put them online instantly. It keeps the users connected with friends and family through facebook and twitter. It is also sorted by business associates as it provides fast access to net and emails accounts on Hotmail, Gmail and yahoo can be checked by them anywhere anytime. Price of Nokia C6 in India is Rs.13000.
    • Other Nokia 3G mobile phones are Nokia E5, Nokia C5, Nokia E72, Nokia E71, Nokia X6 and Nokia E63.
  • 3G mobiles from Samsung in India
    • Samsung Corby M5650 is one of the 3G mobile phones from another progressing company of mobile market, Samsung. Samsung Corby M5650 is much talked about phone due to its hi-tech specifications which includes TFT touch screen, social networking and expandable memory up to 8 GB.
    • It has dual camera 3 MP rear camera to store pictures and videos, and front camera which enables the user to have a live chat with their loved ones whenever he/she misses them. Samsung Corby M5650 is available in India at a price of Rs.9000.
    • Other Samsung 3G mobile phones are Samsung S3370, Samsung I7500, Samsung C6625, Samsung B7300 OMNIALITE and Samsung S5620 MONTE etc.
  • 3G mobiles of LG in India
    • LG Cookie plus GS500 is a 3G supported mobile phone by LG Company. Due to this feature this handset provides fast and easy access to internet. It is a mobile possessing stylish and sleek design.
    • LG Cookie plus GS500 has all those specifications that are present in latest mobiles like Bluetooth, 3 MP camera with 2X zoom, accessibility to social networking sites and 8 GB external memory. It is an affordable 3G mobile phone priced in India at Rs.7000.
    • Other LG mobile phones supporting 3G are LG BL40, LG BL20, LG GU285 and LG GT505.
  • 3G mobiles of Micromax in India
    • Micromax Modu T is one of the Micromax 3G brigade. It has all basic features including Bluetooth for transfer of data, FM radio, MP3 player and Java facility.
    • Micromax Modu T camera specifications consist of 5 MP camera through which the user can record memorable moments spent with loved ones in form of photos and videos. It is available in India at price of Rs.12500.
    • Other Micromax 3G mobile phones are Micromax Andro A60, Micromax H360 and Micromax Modu.

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3G mobile Phones in India: Nokia , Micromax, Samsung, LG
As Internet access becomes a necessity and grow in-demand-thanks to the popularity of various Social Networking sites-3G phones are becoming a craze too. With this large scale of options,as different companies compete,consumers are the real winners!
Posted by Christine Bautista
3g phones
Talking about the implementation of 3g phones in India, I would like to say that among all the stated phones and so to say smart phones I consider Nokia models to be the most functional
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samsung 3g mobiles in india
I don't know if the samsung 3g mobiles in india will be that popular now since 4G is around the corner though...
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Let us hope 3G has time to succeed.
With the advent of 4G, 3G may just take a back seat.
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